In Germany to redefine shipbuilding education

Apr 24, 2024

On April 18th and 19th, 2024, the ALL HANDS ON DECK 360° project consortium concluded its series of workshops with an event in Nuremberg, Germany. Representatives from Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Germany participated in this gathering.

During the two-day workshop, partners convened to outline the project’s next steps. Primarily, in the forthcoming weeks, visits to shipyards, which will serve as the subjects of 360° virtual tours, are slated for completion. These shipyards will be meticulously documented through video and audio recordings, capturing the core activities essential for novice shipwrights. 

The primary objective of the Hand On Deck 360° project is to foster innovative learning methodologies. Immersive learning will serve as a cornerstone in familiarizing young workers with the intricacies of this trade. Leveraging technology, individuals will have unfettered access to shipyards to acquire a comprehensive understanding of various techniques. 

Furthermore, partners are actively compiling a glossary comprising over 1,000 terms relevant to shipbuilding and shipyard operations. These terms will soon be accessible in consortium languages such as Spanish, Italian, and German. Additionally, efforts are underway to select a shipyard for transformation into a digital immersive learning environment. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates and freely accessible resources. 

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