All Hands on Deck 360°

Revitalizing shipwright workforce through immersive learning and digital innovation


AHOD360 is a follow up project of AHOD project that documents and displays the traditional techniques and skills of shipwright profession in several different maritime areas across Europe and adapts them into contemporary training content that can help to recover and revive the carpentry of ships

ALL HANDS ON DECK 360° aims to develop and implement innovative practices in VET learning of traditional sectors, in particular of one of the oldest working positions in Europe: the shipwright. Often orally transmitted practical knowledge is lost when professionals are retiring.  

By using immersive learning tools and new technologies, we aim to make the training content more appealing for young students and equip current shipwrights with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry on the traditions of this ancient craft.


  • Revitalize the shipwright workforce by attracting young learners and providing them with immersive training usually acquired in workshops.
  • Boost enrollment in VET woodworking and boat building by attracting learners from related sectors.
  • Capture invaluable expertise of European shipwrights in digital format to ensure that this knowledge is passed down to future generations.
  • Enhance European connections and facilitate cooperation between professionals and learners across different maritime areas

Result 1

A shipwright collaborative portal enabling professionals and learners across Europe to connect, ask questions and share knowledge

Result 2

An European audiovisual terminology database featuring 1000+[RU1]  shipwright terms with descriptions, pictures, voice notes and translation in five languages (EN, SP, GE, IT, FR), improving communication and understanding in shipbuilding industry.

Result 3

 An immersive learning environment with 5 virtual 360° tours of shipyards from different maritime areas that explain different concepts, creating an interactive and engaging learning experience.