How can Traditional Boatbuilding Knowledge be Shared Digitally?

Apr 10, 2024

You are cordially invited to an online workshop of the ALL HANDS ON DECK 360° project on 18 April 2024 from 14:00-15:30:

ALL HANDS ON DECK 360° – Stakeholder Workshop WP4:


Next project partner meeting is going to take place in Nuremberg, Germany, hosted by FAU – Institut für Lern-Innovation (ILI) and will offer an hybrid workshop in English to facilitate broad participation from stakeholders across Europe. We will endeavour to provide translation assistance from our project partners to ensure that all participants can actively engage, regardless of their language proficiency.

Join us for an enlightening exploration of the intersection of tradition and technology in the world of boatbuilding. Discover how modern advances are shaping the future of this ancient craft and learn from experts as they discuss innovative strategies for preserving and sharing traditional boatbuilding knowledge in the digital age.

Keynote speeches:

  1. 360-degree tours of shipyards in various maritime areas as a new learning experience. Evelyn Schlenk from ILI FAU, Germany
  2. Examples of two differently built Roman boats. The circumstances of the construction, scientific tests and aftercare. Prof Dr Boris Dreyer, FAU, Germany

Here are some of the key topics we’ll be exploring:

  • Revitalizing the shipwright workforce through immersive learning experiences
  • The shipwright profession in Europe: challenges and opportunities
  • Exploring the intersection of traditional boatbuilding and new building techniques and innovation
  • Preserving shipwright heritage and the role of shipwrights in cultural conservation
  • Facilitating intergenerational transfer of knowledge in boatbuilding
  • Identifying gaps in shipwright knowledge and skills

If you would like to share your opinion on the topic within a time frame of 3 minutes or would also like to contribute interesting insights from your work, please send your topic to:

You will then receive the updated program on April 17.

We look forward to your participation and contributions, as together, we explore innovative ways to preserve and share the rich tradition of boatbuilding heritage.

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This event is part of the Erasmus+ project ALL HANDS ON DECK 360° (AHOD360) aiming to promote boatbuilding heritage via interactive learning content development. For more information, please visit our website: