Experience digital shipyards in virtual reality!

Jul 13, 2023

The boatbuilding profession, one of Europe’s oldest traditions, suffers from dwindling interest among young people. But now an exciting change is on the horizon: Together with partners from Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany, we are working to change that!

In the future, trainees will be able to immerse themselves in virtual worlds and expand their knowledge through realistic, digital scenarios.

By January 2025, the project aims to strengthen connections between shipbuilders and trainees in various maritime sectors in Europe. We want to make traditional professions such as shipbuilding attractive to young people again through this innovative method.

As part of the “All Hands on Deck 360°” project, virtual 360-degree tours of shipyards in various maritime areas are being designed. There, learners can discover multimedia content, watch videos, explore tools and test their knowledge in a fun way. This interactive learning environment offers a unique learning experience!

Read here some amazing insights from Evelyn Schlenk from the FAU – Institut für Lern-Innovation, our project partner, about our innovative project All Hands on Deck360.

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