AHOD 360 – Through technology, preserving the cultural heritage of shipwrights continues

Apr 21, 2023

On 1st December 2022 started the new KA2 Erasmus+ project “ALL HANDS ON DECK 360“ (2022-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000087373). This new project links up with a project already brought to a conclusion in 2022, All Hands On Deck – European work heritage in shipwright for present and future.  This big opportunity has the main objective to developing and implementing innovative practices in vocational education and training in traditional sectors, in particular in one of the oldest jobs in Europe: the shipwright.  Because of that, the consortium is composed of universities, institutions and training center with a strong expertise in the field of education and training which are:   
  • Innovation in Learning Institute (Germany),   
  • CEIPES (Italy)  
  • University of Murcia (Spain) 
  • CETEM (Spain) 
  • Innovawood (Belgium) 
For the first workshop with the project stakeholders, they met in Brussels 31st of January 2023, hosted by Innovawood. More than twenty stakeholders attended the workshop in person and online, where the objectives and activities of the project were presented. All the participants showed interest in collaborating with the project consortium. Future workshops will be a source of sharing feedback on the results and objectives achieved by the consortium. Follow us for the next dates.   In addition, the various hot spots that led to the reason for this project will be discussed. Indeed, the biggest problem is that orally transmitted practical knowledge is being lost because professionals are retiring and there are no new young students to replace them.  It is clear that it is necessary to attract and rejuvenate the workforce and save the cultural heritage in this particular sector.   With the AHOD 360 project this will be done through new technologies and new learning techniques, such as immersive learning. The 5 partners from Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium will work to develop the following outcomes:   
  • A collaborative portal “Shipwright” with the possibility of sharing content, creating topics, asking and answering questions and contact with professionals and students from other places.  
  • Multilingual European audiovisual terminology database “Shipwright” within a platform with more than 1000 terms with descriptions, pictures, voice notes and translation in 5 languages (EN, SP, GE, IT, FR).  
  • Creation of an immersive learning environment with 360° virtual tours of shipyards from different maritime areas including POV videos of current shipyards explaining different concepts. 
The project social media channels and web site will be created very soon.  
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